Breakbox is a 16-step drumsequencer for rapidly prototyping breakbeats.

Features include:

  • Create beat patterns with 8 different amenbreak sounds.
  • Store 32 patterns and switch between them on the rhythm (quantized).
  • Adjust beats per minute without interrupting playback.
  • Make rolling beats by adjusting the steps and the feedback of the delay.

There are three ways to pick up the application:
a. You can go to the Apple app store and buy a copy for iPad, for which it was tailored.
b. You can make beats on the thumbnail version on this page.
c. You can go to Github and try to build it yourself.

Breakbox is built on top of tonfall. I saw Andre Michelle doing an introduction session about his framework at FITC Amsterdam and between all the visual madness there it was kinda cool to see that flash can be very powerfull for audio processing.

At it's core it works like this: you instantiate a new as3 Sound object without any reference to an mp3 or whatsoever. You attach a sampledataevent to it. You then play the sound. Each time the sampledataevent fires the soundobject will ask for raw numbers in the form of a bytearray, which you can manipulate. That's where the actionscript api stops. Tonfall is there to help you manipulate the raw numbers into music with a tempo, tones, merge waveforms, ...

Since Adobe really nailed the sampledataevent for ios in air 2.6 to unwrap their microphone access feature, it is good to know that music production apps are now also possible with flash on ios.


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