Qubestack is a 3d puzzle game inspired by games like Tetris® and Blockout. Like in Tetris® you have to make lines, but instead of sqaures you now get 3d shapes. When you have dropped 35 qubes and didn't make a line the game is over.

With the onscreen arrow buttons you can move and rotate the dropping qubes. Rotating the device from portrait to landscape view toggles between top and side view.

There are a few different downloads available for the moment. Classic is without webcam or augmented reality. The AR version is for use with a webcam and augments the qubes on the flarlogo marker you must print out.

I made some youtube demo videos, you can check below. Apps might have changed a little bit though.

The following video shows the app running on an HTC Desire phone.

The next video shows a development demo of qubeStack with augmented reality running on a desktop.


Qubestack is made with Flash cs4 and prerelease Air for Android development tools. It also uses the Papervision3d and FLARtoolkit code-libraries.


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