swfCast is a generative graphics sequencer that can be used to broadcast Flash animations over several screens through Flash Media Server. It was used to perform visuals at the Cubic Clash 2010 Event.

swfCast is actually a rebuild of swfLauncher, mixed with graphics of the Blob and with a UI that can scale down to a 320 by 240 pixels resolution for use as remote control on mobile phones. Another improvement is that the controlpanel and receiver are now mixed into a single application, whereas with swfLauncher those where seperated.

With the controlpanel you can adjust the colors used by the animations, switch between channels (#), toggle between a bottom and top layer, clear a layer and adjust the text appearing in some animations.

I used to host an online version, but i do not have access to a Flash Media Server for the moment. But you can still invesigate the code on github.


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