swfLauncher is a veejay system build entirely in Flash. It allows you to load several flash-movies on top of each other and manipulate some things in real-time like text messages and colors.

The core-system consists out of two different swf-files. On one side you have the receptor, which serves as a container where all the movies will be loaded into. This is the one that will be projected onto a large screen. On the other side you have a controlpanel with which you can choose and manipulate the images displayed by the receptor. The beauty of this system is that you can have multiple instances of the receptor (even running them on different machines) that are spread over as much screens as you want across a whole building or festival-area. You could compare it with a real television channel or broadcasting system for flash-movies.

There is now an online demo of the swfLauncher vj-system. First you have to open the receptor in one window. This will be the view where all the animations will be happening. Then in another browser-window (or even better on a different computer) you open the controlpanel.

The controlpanel consists out of several lists. On the left there is large one with all the different clips that can be loaded into the system. In the center on top of the controlpanel you will find a list of 5 layers. To load one of the clips onto one of the layers, you must first select a clip from the clipList and select a layer in the layersList. Then you hit the load-button underneath the layersList. When all is right, the clip should start playing in the receptor. With the batchList you can even automate these commands.

colorPallettes is a list with which can manipulate the colors that some animations use. To apply a new colorPallette you must select it and then hit the apply-button. New colors however don't get applied immediatly, but only when the animation is loaded or reloaded. With the colorpickers you can add your own costum colors to the colorsPallettesList. Just don't forget to add a label or name for your pallette.

Another thing you can control is the text-messages, that are used in the animations. This is the list on the bottom to the right. Under that list is a small textfield with which you can add new texts. Type something and then hit the save-button. To set a new text for the animations you must select it in the list and then hit the apply-button. Again the animations will only start using the new applied as soon as they are loaded or reloaded.

That's all you need to know use the demo. If you actually want to use this vj program yourself and want to expand it or draw inspiration from it: I have written a more detailed explanation about the code here.


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